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Animal Therapy at Cross Creek March 21, 2018

At Cross Creek at Lee’s Summit Assisted Living | Memory Care, our staff continuously works to nurture our residents’ bodies and minds while encouraging them to enjoy life. One of the ways we do this is through animal therapy. There have been many studies that prove the benefits of animal..
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Sight Loss: Five Senses Series Part Five March 15, 2018

As people age, gradual sight loss is a common occurrence. For those with Alzheimer’s or dementia, vision loss can create extra problems, such as causing the individual to misinterpret the world around them, which can make them very confused and lead to communication problems. Another large issue with vision loss..
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Music Therapy at Cross Creek: Five Senses Series Part Four March 7, 2018

Music is something that can bring us together and give us a wonderful sense of community – which is one of the reasons we use music so frequently at Cross Creek at Lee’s Summit Assisted Living | Memory Care. Hearing certain songs can jog memories for those dealing with dementia,..
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