January 10, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions at Cross Creek

New Year’s Resolutions at Cross Creek

At Cross Creek at Lee’s Summit Assisted Living | Memory Care, one of our goals is to help our residents improve their physical, mental and emotional health one day at a time. With this in mind, Cross Creek staff and residents got together and created New Year’s resolutions for themselves.

Below are just some of these resolutions:

“Be the best me that I can be; that includes continuing to have a positive, motivating attitude as well as pursuing my individual goals that will benefit my family even further.”

  • Kyra

“I’d like to be more present – I’ve heard it said that the most important place your mind can be is where your body is right now, so I’m going to give that more of a try.”

  • Nicki

 “Since I haven’t had much success with the whole resolution thing, I’ve decided to rename them ‘gentle changes.’ Somehow it seems less mountainous and more manageable. Crazy thing is, these gentle changes all happen to begin with the letter “L”. So here we go. In 2018, I would like to be more LOVING, LAUGH more, LEARN more, LEND myself to others more and last but certainly not least, be LEANER! God Bless you with His best for the new year.”

  • Mary Beth

 “I’d like to run more miles this year than I did last, and run a half-marathon again.”

  • Vince

 “I want to save more money so I can buy a house!”

  • Melissa Lopez, RN

 “I want to take my dog for walks more at the dog park.”

  • Brooke Stephenson, CNA

 “Be more positive.”

  • Lajuana Robinson, LPN

 “My resolution is to lose some weight.”

  • Glena, Cross Creek Resident

 “Get out of my bed in the morning!”

  • Josephine, Cross Creek Resident

 “I’ve made a resolution to stop arguing with my son, and he made one to stop arguing with me. It takes some work, but we’ve been doing well!”

  • Sally, Cross Creek Resident

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